Crossing Finnmarksvidda

Crossing Finmarksvidda is a “cool” challenge for those who want to get the polar expedition feeling but do not want to spend weeks away from home. Many use this trip as a “warm up” or test before a Greenland crossing or more serious expeditions. As the trip goes early in the year when the sun is low on the horizon you will be introduced to skiing and camping in the cold. We have the same routines and equipment as on our expeditions and the night this far North tend to offer spectacular Northern Lights as an additional outdoor experience.

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    Tour Length

    Approximately 5 days

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    8 + 1 guide

  • Difficulty

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Tour Operators

  • Bengt Rotmo

How to get here

Join us for new adventures at Finnmarksvidda!

How to get here

We go by plane from Oslo to Alta airport (ALF). From Alta we will go by car to our starting point and from there on skis!