About us

The people behind ATE are all Norwegians with substantial Polar and Outdoor experience. Our knowledge is not only bred from growing up in the snow, but also having challenged cold enviroments all over the globe.

The knowledge we will pass on is hard earned and totally based on real life experiences. Why we pass it on? We love this, and we take enormous pleasure from seeing others taking it on, cracking the codes and enjoying it all!

We believe that polar success is based on attitude grown from knowledge and practical thinking rather than pure determination. We don’t fight nature – we live in it. Through our programs we want to teach you how arctic environments can be your friend – not your enemy. When your actions are based on this philosophy you’ll be able to go on a difficult mission and return to civilization in better condition than when you left.

  • Geir Vie

    As a outdoorsman, ecofarmer, field biologist and traditional craftsman Geir has been living with nature all his life. Geir goes into all type of difficult missions with a smile. He is a real stayer with a practical sense that influences all he does inside and outdoors. Even if he never have been to the poles he is as solid as the icecap of Greenland. Geir reprecent the type of men Nansen and Amundsens recruited for their polar expeditions – with success. His outdoor knowledge and practical thinking makes him your first choice on a cold mission.

  • Bengt Rotmo

    Bengt`s impressive CV of successful skiing (+ canoeing and hunting) expeditions has has truly proved his skills in the cold.
    He has crossed the Greenland icecap five times, two times skied the Northwest passage (1120km) and led a 1200 km unsupported expedition with clients to the South Pole. He has also led several unsupported crossings of the Northern Patagonia Icefield and Finnmarksvidda. And he has also led last – degree expeditions to the Geographic North Pole. His broad network and work as a expedition coordinator ensures first hand – up to date information about everything that has to do with polar expeditions.

  • Petter Thorsen

    Educated in sports and biology. After serving 4 years in the Norwegian Navy Seals he worked as a Svalbard Polar guide several seasons and even led the Svalbard Polar Guide Training Program.

    Petter is a former triathlete and two times Ironman Hawaii finisher but likes it much better in the cold.
    On the NORUK North Pole Expedition 2009 he was testing the ice for the dogsled teams led by Per-Thore Hansen. In 2010 they did a 550K kayak expedition on Spitzbergen’s and in May 2011 they crossed Greenland on skis.

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