Crossing Finnmarksvidda

Crossing Finmarksvidda is a “cool” challenge for those who want to get the polar expedition feeling but do not want to spend weeks away from home. Many use this trip as a “warm up” or test before a Greenland crossing or more serious expeditions. As the trip goes early in the year when the sun is low on the horizon you will be introduced to skiing and camping in the cold. We have the same routines and equipment as on our expeditions and the night this far North tend to offer spectacular Northern Lights as an additional outdoor experience.

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    Tour Length

    Approximately 5 days

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    8 + 1 guide

  • Difficulty

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Tour Operators

  • Bengt Rotmo


Day 1

On Wednesday  we fly in to Alta (ALF) from Oslo in the middle of the day and spend the day preparing, analysing the route and weather forecasts, packing food and readying ourselves. We will provide with a full and detailed itineray upon booking. If any questions, we will help with that too!

Day 2

Last check, then we take a car to our starting point. Then we are on our skis! After some kilometres we arrive at the Jotka Fjellstue and can’t resist going in for a cup of hot drinks. Then we proceed towards the open plains and camp when darkness descends.

Day 3

We walk the whole day south-east towards Isejavre, the biggest lake on Finnmarksvidda, and are now really on the tundra as the landscape rolls out all around us. We pitch the tents again at dusk.

Day 4

We cross over Isejavre. From here we will most probably leave the normal route to train and enhance our skills in navigation and look into natural indicators for navigation. And this is for a reason, as we are now into an area that most resembles the waste and flat expanses of traditional expedition targets like Greenland and Antarctica.

Day 5

Today the terrain will gradually become more hilly again as we pass Øvre Mollesjokk and continue towards Ravnastua. How far we get depends on the strength of the team and what ‘Mother Earth’ has in store for us, but this is normally our last night camping out.

Day 6

We arrive at the Sami town of Karasjok and stay the night together here – and may even sit on chairs having a well-deserved dinner!

Day 7

We jump on the bus to Lakselv and Banak Airport (LKL). Here our ways part as we head for home.