Crossing Finnmarksvidda

Crossing Finmarksvidda is a “cool” challenge for those who want to get the polar expedition feeling but do not want to spend weeks away from home. Many use this trip as a “warm up” or test before a Greenland crossing or more serious expeditions. As the trip goes early in the year when the sun is low on the horizon you will be introduced to skiing and camping in the cold. We have the same routines and equipment as on our expeditions and the night this far North tend to offer spectacular Northern Lights as an additional outdoor experience.

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    Tour Length

    Approximately 5 days

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    8 + 1 guide

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Tour Operators

  • Bengt Rotmo


This is a Kinder Egg! Not only will we take you to the most northerly and wildest part of Norway, we will cross Finnmarksvidda which is an adventure and an expedition in itself. And we will do it in a way so that you have every chance to enhance your skills for other Big Targets.Finnmarksvidda is in the middle of Norway’s most northerly county – Finnmark, and at the height of winter it may well be compared to the most remote and coldest expedition in both Arctic and Antarctica.

In spring the area is well visited, but we will do it while the Polar Nights still holds it’s grip over the north and the temperatures at night can sink to -30°C, and sometimes less. In these temperatures you will feel the power of the northern light flickering over the sky.

Distance to be covered is in the region of 120 km and should take us 5 days. We have extended this one compared to our previous Finnmark-trips as we want more camps to ensure that you get enough field experience.

This trip will be as a mini Greenland crossing, so you should be in reasonable good shape before showing up. And whatever your next trip/expedition may be, we want you to be prepared for it. By learning the tricks of winter survival under real conditions you will be more confident and your chances of reaching your future goals will increase.