South Pole Last Degree

To be able to reach the Geographical South Pole, on the least accessible, the coldest, the most windswept, the highest and the most unique continent on earth, you know you have done something extraordinary.

With the dramatic and historic fight between Amundsen and Scott as an immense backdrop, we feel both humble and impressed as the beautiful and enormous Antarctic plateau reveals the coveted South Pole – 90° South.

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    Tour Length

    approx. 12 days from the moment of taking off on Antarctica

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    6 + 1 guide

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Tour Operators

  • Bengt Rotmo


This trip must be looked upon as a real expedition. It will give you a first hand insight into what past and present Polar explorers have experienced: The cold, the wind, the altitude and the enormous white plains – roughened and artistically sculptured by the enormous winter storms.

We will experience the snow that Amundsen labelled ‘fish-glue’, a sky so blue and to high you will really feel and understand you are at the highest, most remote and least accessible continent on earth. To come from this total, but beautiful, emptiness to the South Pole it’s a moment that will be with you forever.

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2017 & 2018:

We will go back both in 2017 and 2018. There will be changes to the dates and price compared to 2016. The program will be the same.

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