Enhanced Arctic Expedition Training

This is the ultimate test for would be Polar Explorers. The Enhanced Expedition is designed to mentally and physically prepare expedition team members to reach their goal of successfully completing Polar Last Degree or Greenland Icecap expeditions. The course will hone your Nordic ski technique and help you master your arctic camping skills. Experienced instructors will help you gain a better understanding of safety procedures, weather forecasting, navigation techniques and also improve your ice and avalanche knowhow.

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Tour Operators

  • Petter Thorsen

  • Geir Vie


After completing this mini-expedition you will be able to plan, prepare and execute a longer expedition in Arctic-like conditions. The course will take you through one of Norway’s most remote and challenging National Parks in mid-winter.

A fantastic tour in its own right, this expedition will give you five full days of practical learning and ‘drills’ in the field. We sleep in expedition tents, eat expedition food and our daily routines mirror the challenges you’d face on the icecap or on the drifting ice. The mini-expedition is physically demanding – 1hour of Nordic skiing, 10 minutes break continuously for 8-12 hours.

Even if we will meet no polar bears, pack ice or crevasses we will realistically train and ‘drill’ for these situations.  Our aim is to prepare you as thoroughly as possible in a harsh and challenging environment so that you are prepared physically and mentally for your polar or Greenland challenge.

To join this course you should have some prior winter outdoor experience and be a reasonable Nordic skier (we ski across challenging terrain for 4-12 hours a day).