To the summit of Newtontoppen, Spitsbergen

Newtontoppen (Newton Peak – 1713 masl) is the highest peak on Spitsbergen in the Svalbard archipelago.
You find it in the heart of Atomfjella (Atom Mountains) surrounded by a breathtaking landscape of glaciers, snow and mountains.


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    Tour Length

    14-15 days (10 days of skiing, 5 days on boat, 2 days to spare)

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    5 + 1 guide

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Tour Operators

  • Bengt Rotmo


Day 1

We have arrived at Longyearbyen the same afternoon, (or the previous day if you want) and use the rest of this day to pack provisions and equipment. Any missing parts can be bought in the local sports store. Boat trip, route and overall trip are covered in detail.

Day 2

An early rise is the first commandment for the one who will reach the top, said the poet Kristoffer Randers. The same shall we do, we want to get away from the coast and up the glacier first day. The boat ride is no more than a couple of hours, (56 km) and after we have off loaded, we begin to carry our equipment up towards the glacier. Since the Vonpost glacier has retreated far back in the past decades, there are a couple of kilometers to carry before we reach the glacier. Some smaller meltwater rivers must also be expected. The zone near the water is exposed to polar bears, and we want to get out of this and onto the glacier the first day.

Day 3

This day is used to wrestle with ice, it is not directly crevasses, but because of the previous melting and runoff from the glacier the ice very uneven in the lower parts. We still try to get all the gear in the sled with us in one go. We strap on crampons and start pulling.

Day 4

Past the Hampus mountain and up Potpesniggbreen. Perhaps we reach snow this day already. Glaciers meet and there is a dramatic and breathtaking terrain.

Day 5-7

Now it’s good snow, and well ski past the Malte Brunfjell mountains and across the vast glacier system, Lomonosovfonna. This eventually goes into the Veteran glacier, where we must turn upwards towards the Newton peak.

Day 8

On peak. We leave the sleds at the bottom of the hill and take only a daypack for the last strech, as well as ropes and safety equipment.

Day 9- (10) 11

Return, but not the same way. To get some variety and to experience the most of what this icy world can offer, we take a different route back. Large gentle slopes characterize the terrain here in the central parts of the glacier system, which is one of the twenty largest ice caps in the world. We ski down Aleksandrbreen, which merge with Rembebreen, and from there onto our initial route past the Hampus mountain. This is a gently sloping and fine ski area and we do not expect to use as much time on the way back.

Day (11) 12

We wrestle our way down to the coast again, same place as we were dropped off.

Day (12) 13

Pickup with fast boat at the Von Post glacier and back to Longyearbyen.

This program is conservative. Probably we will use somewhat shorter time than this, or that there be more summits in the area to concider, if time and weather permits.