Arctic Expedition Course

Have you ever dreamed of skiing to the North or South Pole? Do you want to know what it takes to plan, prepare and train for a polar expedition? Our arctic expedition training courses tap into the deep knowledge of Arctic Training & Expeditions experienced polar guides. Through 4 days of intensive training you will learn how to trust yourself and your equipment, survive outdoors in low temperatures and be well prepared for the challenge of your first real winter tour or polar expedition. We guarantee you a steep learning curve, spectacular winter landscapes and bags of fun!

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    5 days / 4 nights

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Tour Operators

  • Petter Thorsen

  • Geir Vie


The course is based on the knowledge acquired by generations of pioneering Norwegian polar explorers. Through a mix of indoor seminars and outdoor tutorials you will pick up dozens of expert tips and tricks on how to survive and thrive in cold arctic-like conditions. To compliment the technical learning and practical skills we’ll coach you in backcountry skiing, a critical skill for any aspiring polar explorer.

As your knowledge and outdoor skills improve. You will build confidence and find satisfaction in your improved knowledge of clothing & equipment, skis and skiing, winter camping, tents, stoves, nutrition, navigation, tour planning, safety, hypothermia, frostbite and survival.

After completing this course you will know what it takes to participate in a winter expedition.  You will have learned about your own strengths and limitations and be better prepared to plan your own winter tour or take the next step and join a commercial polar expedition.


The course is designed for those who have a limited time window to learn the basics of preparing, planning and executing a polar expedition. In essence we offer a “polar expedition crash course” that delivers the key skills required by anyone of average fitness considering arctic or polar exploration.

The course was originally designed and developed to prepare expedition participants for North- and South Pole expeditions and Greenland crossings. Through the years the course has evolved and broadened so that it appeals a far wider expedition audience:

  • Polar novices who want to learn winter outdoor skills and experience the challenges faced by polar explorers in a controlled and supervised environment.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts with some prior winter experience who want to hone their skills allowing them to safely plan and execute their own winter outdoor activities or expeditions.
  • Expedition participants who have already signed up for a Greenland crossing or a South or North Pole expedition but require additional pre-trip experience and training.
  • Corporate groups and leaders who want to test their team and strengthen their bonds in challenging real-life arctic conditions.

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